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Fitness Coffee® business opportunity, brew some healthy

Healthy coffee business opportunity for Distributors: increase your business with patented hot beverages.

Now drink health substituting your daily coffee cups with hot shots enriched with healing properties of medicinal herbs, spices, herbal dry extracts.

Fitness Coffee®, Naturesso®, Fitness Tea®, Fitness Barley® and all our trade marks are produced in Italy, 2002-2017: 15 years of top innovation

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Corporate Website: Fitness Coffee World- Get good tips to get health drinking your daily hot cups:Fitness Cups Diet Drinks

With almost 2/3 of the western people overweight, it is no surprise that weight loss diet pills are big business today. The problem is that most of them simply do not achieve any promise of their claims and advertising. Thousands of expensive pills/products promise give energy, suppress appetite, boost metabolism, burn fat but you do not get nothing of these dreams/miracles; or worse yet, you get bad side effects for your health.

Fitness Coffee® Antioxidant Fully Active Blend™ ground 250g

Fitness Coffee ® Antioxidant Fully Active Blend 250 g (8.8 oz) Ground

Ground and in beans

The best seller thermo genic antioxidant coffee that boosts energy levels, supports your metabolism aiding in weight loss and healthy diet. It contains only premium roasted green coffees (ground or in beans), 16 nutrient-rich herbs and whole spices.



Fitness Coffee® Antioxidant in beans 250g

Fitness Coffee ® Antioxidant Fully Active Blend ™ 250 g (8.8 oz) - In beans

Fitness Coffee compatible for Nespresso machinesCompatible Fitness Coffee® capsules



Patented Antioxidant Fully Active Blend™ compatible capsules with Nespresso®* machines.

* This brand is not associated with GVM nor of other connected companies.

Suitable also with other formulas as Cannabissimo® & Sensualcoffee®

Fitness Tea® B.young

Fitness Tea® B.fit

Fitness Tea®

Instead of a healthy coffee do you prefer a healthy tea?

Then get fit replacing your tea cups with our teas herbs and spices

B-fit™ or B-young™Packed in exclusive pyramidal bags to preserve and enjoy their fresh herbs and spices aroma.

Sensual Coffee®

Sensual Coffee® Ground

The first coffee blend for the best love and sensual life with your partner. It contains only first quallity roasted green coffees with tonifying healthy herbs and stimulant spices. Available ground for any method of preaparation as a normal coffee. Get more info on Sensual Coffee website

Herbal Fitness Coffee ESE pods

Fitness Coffee healthy herbal pods

Wellness and taste replacing daily your traditional Espresso cups using your home Espresso machine or tasting it at your favorite bar.

For more details on other home /office ESE pods and full compatible capsules for your espresso machine visit

Espresso Prima Classe® Website.

Cannbissimo Tea with Organic Hemp LeavesNew!Cannabissimo® Tea: enjoy now a new relax bevarage with natural organic hemp leaves

An innovative product with healthy and relaxing benefits of the organic hemp leaves, 100% natural and legal. 50 g (2.2 oz) triple layers bag in protective atmosphere, 25 servings.

Cannabissimo coffee with hemp seeds


Cannabissimo Coffee®

created for "Ever Young People"

Read a short description.

Visit Cannabissimo site.

Fitness Coffee B-fine™

The innovatives sachets (Fitness Coffee B-FINE™ and Antioxidant Fully Active Blend™) in single doses. Dedicated to health conscious and active people and to modern baristas that take care of customer wellness. B-fine™, as all other GVM's products, is roasted with ancient slow method in modern factory.

Naturesso® caffè con 10 erbeNaturesso® Caffè con canapa

NATURESSO® Organic Patented innovation

When you are looking for a cup of coffee, it always helps to know that you are drinking the finest in organic coffees. Sourced from Peru, Honduras and Indonesia, these are fine blends of high-quality and 100% organic ground coffee.

Made in Italy with inspiration from a union of two words “nature” and “espresso”, Naturesso is an ideal choice for everyone that loves natural goodness and original taste as well as active healthy lifestyle.

Feel invigorated throughout the day thanks to the powerful combination of natural properties. High in antioxidants, this gourmet products effectively reduces stress and feeling of anxiety.

NATURESSO offers you two incredible blends of high quality organic coffee creatively mixed with:

a blend of 10 organic natural herbs and spices (juniper, hawthorn, birch, sage, melissa, anis, valerian, rosemary, milk thistle and wiregrass),

organic ground hemp seeds.

Turn your coffee habit into healthy ritual!

Antioxidants are the greatest defense against cellular damage neutralizing free radicals.

The bioavailable 100% vegetal ingredients of our healthy coffees give to our body 300% more antioxidants than green tea**(according to recent Swedish scientific study).

** As it's well known by the scientifi community the green tea is very rich in Antioxidants compounds, precious adjuvants against cellular aging caused by free radicals.

Bio Fitness Barley® with herbs and spices

Fitness Barley® Fitness Orzo®

The revolutionary active blend with Italian Organic Barley infused with bioavailable healthy ingredients for a stomach friendly beneficial beverage. It can be drunk all the day and before sleeping to get best benefits. It contains only first quality BIO barley with 14 beneficial herbs and spices. Brew it as a traditional barley beverage.

Get full healthy benefits from our patented beverages, simply replacing your daily hot beverages cups:

1) Boost energy levels of body and mind aiding your diet;

2) Get superior taste and flavors (see Fitness Coffee® tasting page);

3) Only premium roasted beans and seeds with selected vegetal ingredients, not containing instant blends of uncertain origin/quality or with undeclared ingredients with health risks (see news in FDA's related articles);

4) 100% natural and vegetal ingredients of certified origins;

5) Full natural and vegetal healing herbs and spices;

6) No change your habits: brew our healthful blends using your usual brewing method.

7) Low in substances causing heartburn acid (see Caffeine page).

Antioxidants are the greatest defense against cellular damage neutralizing free radicals.

Instead of buying expensive slimming pills and beverages, replace your coffee cups with our healthy coffees: so you will support forever body and mind clearness.


Anuga Taste11 Award for Fitness Coffee®

We proudly announce that Fitness Coffee Antioxidant Fully Active Blend™ is been the winner of the Taste 11 Award as Top Innovation Product at Anuga 2011, the most important food trade fair in the world.

Clickto see us as winners of Taste 11 Award for top innovation products at Anuga Fair (Cologne).

Among 6,600 exhibitors and tens of thousands of products, only 2 have won the Award in the beverages categorie.

Our products at Anuga (Cologne)

Healthy Fitness Espresso cup with herbs

All GVM's products are perfect for vegans (100% vegetal ingredients). We are producer and exporter of healthy and traditional coffee, tea and barley based blends also for private labels.

Fitness Coffee VAN

SENSUALCOFFEE®: 1st patented coffee for passionate couples.

CANNABISSIMO COFFEE®: beneficial daily coffee for "ever young people".

All our beverages can be brewed in the same method of preparation of your daily cups: Italian Espresso, American drip filter coffee, Turkish style coffee, French press, Italian moka stove pot, Cappuccino, Mocaccino, Caffé Latte, etc.We process first quality green beans by selected awarded farms which produce low in caffeine beans and healthful natural herbs known all over the world for their healthy properties.

Espresso Prima Classe Capsules Compatible machines

Visit Espresso Prima Classe®: our brand of premium coffees for best Baristas and Home/Office.

Further advantages of our healthy coffees:

1- A competitive price similar to a top quality roasted coffee;

2- NO additives, colorings, flavors, preservatives, MSG, GMO, sugar;

3- Made of 100% natural and vegetal components, with only the best selection of Italian roasted beans and 16 medicinal herbs and salutary spices recognised by the scientific world community for their healthy effects;

4- The easiest way to get fit, no taking expensive pills, replacing forever the daily cups with 2-3 cups of Fitness Coffee®;

5- Delicious sweetened and chilled like aperitif or digestive;

6- It can be prepared in the same and usual methods getting a tonic, digestive, fat burning beverage more delicious and aromatic than the traditional cups;

7- The cheapest products to help the diet and to take care every day of body and mind;

8- No added caffeine nor decaffeinated or instant coffees (see art. n. 6, 9 and 11).

Get now a great business opportunity in the field of the roasted coffee.

We offer worldwide great healthy coffee business opportunity to the professional importers.

You should be introduced in one or more of the following market sectors: food or beverage importers, coffee distribution, food beverages wholesalers, supermarkets chains, food shops, home coffee pods, coffee shops, health shops, herbal shops, gyms, sport clubs, hotels, restaurants, bars.

We offer: patented herbal coffees, wide range of specialty coffees, best quality/price rate, HACCP certified production, reimbursment of merchandising expenses through special discounts, registered agreement of exclusive distribution, license of international registered brands and patents. Currently we have 21 countries engaged: please ask usif your country is still free of exclusive distribution agreement.

Our business offer is dedicated to introduced food distributors and is related to our patented products containing only roasted coffee and nutrient-rich herbs and spices. It is not absolutely related to any so called healthy coffees containing instant coffee and mushrooms sold through a home business system or through a multi level marketing.

Are you ready for the swimsuit test?

In the hot season you can enjoy our fitness healthy coffees aslo iced, their delicious tasty aroma will bliss you out every day. Place the desired quantity of Fitness Coffee Antioxidant™ or of Engislim™ in the brew basket of your coffee maker (use our medium grind type). Brew as ever. Cool completely. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Pour coffee and sugar over ice cubes in tall glass.

Fitness Coffee Beach Girl

Warranty: GVM I.E. produces 100% premium quality made in Italy products manufactured in certified factories with HACCP certification, following closely suggestions, laws and rules of the Italian Health Department and of the European Community.

Alkaline diet is important to mantain the health of our body. Human blood pH should be alkaline (about 7.35-7.45). To maintain health, the diet should consist of 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acid forming foods. A pH balanced diet is a vital key to health maintenance. The acidosis is common in the modern society due to the typical European and American diet, which is too high in acid producing products like drinks (for example, cola), sweetener (for example, aspartame), animal origin products (meat, eggs and dairy), and too low in alkaline producing foods like vegetables and herbs. For example alkaline forming foods include: most fruits, green vegetables, beans, spices, herbs, seeds and nuts. Herbs offer a wealth of potential health benefits. Many herbs contain high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Herbs also contain phytochemicals that help prevent and treat many common health conditions. In order to restore proper pH balance, adding certain herbs to the diet or supplementation regimen may be useful restoring the correct pH balance in our body. Also if the black coffee is a acid forming product (it's acid forming in the body with a pH of about 4-5), our Fitness Coffee, due its content in herbs and spices, is less acid forming in the body with a pH of about 6.0. It's evident that, in addition to all other its beneficial properties, just because of this reason it would be better to replace the daily normal coffee with Fitness Coffee®.


Warning: our beneficial all natural blends are patented or patent pending. Beware of imitations, false claims, promises, misleading advertising. Please report any known issue to our admin. dept.: if your report will be thruthful, we'll give as gift one of GVM's products.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use "Lose Weight Coffee," a product for weight loss sold on various websites and in some retail stores. FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that "Lose Weight Coffe" contains sibutramine. Sibutramine is a controlled substance that was removed from the U.S. market in October 2010 for safety reasons. The product poses a threat to consumers because sibutramine is known to substantially increase blood pressure and/or pulse rate in some patients and may present a significant risk for patients with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, or stroke. This product may also interact in life threatening ways with other medications a consumer may be taking. Consumers should stop using this product immediately and throw it away. This notification is to inform the public of a growing trend of products marketed as dietary supplements or conventional foods with hidden drugs and chemicals. These products are typically promoted for sexual enhancement, weight loss, and body building, and are often represented as being "all natural." FDA is unable to test and identify all products marketed as dietary supplements that have potentially harmful hidden ingredients. Consumers should exercise caution before purchasing any product in the above categories.

FDA has identified an emerging trend where over-the-counter products, frequently represented as dietary supplements, contain hidden active ingredients that could be harmful. Consumers may unknowingly take products laced with varying quantities of approved prescription drug ingredients, controlled substances, and untested and unstudied pharmaceutically active ingredients. These deceptive products can harm you! Hidden ingredients are increasingly becoming a problem in products promoted for weight loss.

MensFitness review in this article of Parker Cote suggests coffee may be an added edge in the GYM. If the normal coffee can be so useful, is it reasonable Fitness Coffee with its 16 herbal synergic ingredients is actually more effective?. "Here's five reasons all you need is a cup of black coffee. One of the most effective pre-workout drinks might surprise you, and you won't find it on the shelves of your local supplement store. You don't have to scoop it out of a bottle with a flashy label and mix it with water. All you have to do is swing by a coffee shop and get a cup of America's favorite drink, minus the cream and sugar". (read full article)

Fitness Coffee GVM Coffee Company supplies all its products manufacturing them in full equipped Italian factories, HaCCP certified, using only 100% natural & vegetal ingredients (Ingredients and benefits). On the contrary, speaking of coffee containing other ingredients, for example the flavored coffees, many of them contain chemical solvent called propylene glycol. This is a petroleum-based solvent and is responsible for the shine we can see on flavored coffee beans in stores. The consumers think wrongly that the shine indicates a fresher coffee bean. Propylene glycol can cause respiratory problems, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure. In 2006, the European Union ruled that all alimentary products must have a limit of propylene glycol of 0.1% or less. This level is much lower than what is allowed in USA and if this law was applied in USA many of the so called flavoured or improved coffees could be illegal.

Fitness Coffee® in departure warehouse

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