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Winning business opportunity for Distributors and Importers: contact us and increase your turnover marketing and distributing in your Country our awarded and innovative healthy beverages! For the latest news follow us on: FACEBOOK FITNESS COFFEE page

With almost 2/3 of the western people overweight, it is no surprise that weight loss diet pills are big business today. The problem is that most of them simply do not achieve any promise of their claims and advertising. Thousands of expensive pills/products promise give energy, suppress appetite, boost metabolism, burn fat but you do not get nothing of these dreams/miracles; or worse yet, you get bad side effects for your health.

Fitness Coffee® Antioxidant Fully Active Blend™ ground 250g

Fitness Coffee® Fitness Coffee Website.

Fitness Coffee® Antioxidant in beans 250g

Fitness Coffee ® Antioxidant Fully Active Blend ™ 250 g (8.8 oz) - In beans

Cannabissimo coffee with hemp seeds

Cannabissimo Coffee® Cannabissimo Website.


NATURESSO® Organic healthy coffee

Naturesso Website

When you are looking for a cup of coffee, it always helps to know that you are drinking the finest in organic coffees. Sourced from Peru, Honduras and Indonesia, these are fine blends of high-quality and 100% organic ground coffee.

Made in Italy with inspiration from a union of two words “nature” and “espresso”, Naturesso is an ideal choice for everyone that loves natural goodness and original taste as well as active healthy lifestyle.

Feelinvigorated throughout the day thanks to the powerful combination of natural properties. High in antioxidants, this gourmet products effectively reduces stress and feeling of anxiety.

NATURESSO offers you two incredible blends of high quality organic coffee creatively mixed with a blend of 10 organic natural herbs and spices (juniper, hawthorn, birch, sage, melissa, anis, valerian, rosemary, milk thistle and wiregrass, organic hemp seeds.

Antioxidants are the greatest defense against cellular damage neutralizing free radicals.

The bioavailable 100% vegetal ingredients of our healthy coffees give to our body 300% more antioxidants than green tea*(according to recent Swedish scientific study).

Fitness Coffee VAN

Further advantages of our healthy coffees:

1- A competitive price similar to a top quality roasted coffee;

2- NO additives, colorings, flavors, preservatives, MSG, GMO, sugar;

3- Made of 100% natural and vegetal components, with only the best selection of Italian roasted beans and 16 medicinal herbs and salutary spices recognised by the scientific world community for their healthy effects;

4- The easiest way to get fit, no taking expensive pills, replacing forever the daily cups with 2-3 cups of Fitness Coffee®;

5- Delicious sweetened and chilled like aperitif or digestive;

6- It can be prepared in the same and usual methods getting a tonic, digestive, fat burning beverage more delicious and aromatic than the traditional cups;

7- The cheapest products to help the diet and to take care every day of body and mind;

8- No added caffeine nor decaffeinated or instant coffees

Get now a great business opportunity in the field of the roasted coffee.

We offer worldwide great healthy coffee business opportunity to the professional importers.

You should be introduced in one or more of the following market sectors: food or beverage importers, coffee distribution, food beverages wholesalers, supermarkets chains, food shops, home coffee pods, coffee shops, health shops, herbal shops, gyms, sport clubs, hotels, restaurants, bars.

We offer:

patented herbal coffees, wide range of specialty coffees, best quality/price rate, HACCP certified production, reimbursment of merchandising expenses through special discounts, registered agreement of exclusive distribution, license of international registered brands and patents. Currently we have 40 countries engaged: please ask usif your country is still free of exclusive distribution agreement.

Our business offer

is dedicated to introduced food distributors and is related to our patented products containing only roasted coffee and nutrient-rich herbs and spices. It is not absolutely related to any so called healthy coffees containing instant coffee and mushrooms sold through a home business system or through a multi level marketing.

Fitness Coffee GVM Coffee Company

supplies all its products manufacturing them in full equipped Italian factories, HACCP certified, using only 100% natural & vegetal ingredients (Ingredients and benefits).

On the contrary, speaking of coffee containing other ingredients, for example the flavored coffees, many of them contain chemical solvent called propylene glycol. This is a petroleum-based solvent and is responsible for the shine we can see on flavored coffee beans in stores.

The consumers think wrongly that the shine indicates a fresher coffee bean. Propylene glycol can cause respiratory problems, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure. In 2006, the European Union ruled that all alimentary products must have a limit of propylene glycol of 0.1% or less. This level is much lower than what is allowed in USA and if this law was applied in USA many of the so called flavoured or improved coffees could be illegal.

Fitness Coffee® in departure warehouse

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are international registered marks & patent owned by Fitness Coffee GVM I.E.

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