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GVM proudly produces Italian quality coffees, teas and barley without compromises.

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Instead of buying expensive pills and beverages, replace your daily cups with our healthy coffee, so you'll help body shape and mind alert. Back into shape drinking daily the 1st herbal coffee roasted and blended with slow method: you brew it in the same way of a traditional coffee, but with better taste.

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The production

Our products are manufactured in modern Italian factories. The production starts with a careful selection of green beans, officinal herbs and spices. We only buy first quality raw ingredients harvested by the picking method and only from certified suppliers. As soon as green coffees is carried to plant, the varieties for the mixtures are stored for a few weeks at costant temparature and humidity. Then the ingredients are blended and roasted with slow process and innovative computerized roasting equipment that allows to produce all our blends with the top exclusive aroma and taste preserving the original flavours of coffees, herbs and spices.

A special attention is paid to the granulometry and the right humidity of each ingredient to get the best final result in cup according to the ancient Italian roasting tradition. The final products are packed inmediately in triple sheets alluminium special bags or also in single dose pods or capsules with modified atmosphere and two years expire date.


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For USA and other Countries using drip filter or French press.

Between our various products, the best sellers are bags of medium roast, medium grind for drip coffee machines.

Made only with gourmet coffe coffee beans, certified medicinal herbs and functional spices.

Coffee beans are skillfully roasted, air-cooled, and packaged carefully in triple sheets alluminium bags.

An unopened packet of Fitness Coffee will remain fresh for at least two years

Medium grind is ideal brewing your cups of coffee with drip filter machine or with French press.

Our healthy coffee is also delicious boiled: 1 teaspoon in 200 ml of water (boil light for 2 minutes).

Warranty: Fitness Coffee is 100% vegetal, natural and entirely made in Italy. All the ingredients are safe according to the actual suggestions, laws and rules of Italian Health Minister and of UE Community.

The highest standard quality controls

1) We offer to our esteemed consumers high quality healthy and natural products.
2) We purchase the ingredients only from certified Italian suppliers.
3) Moreover, during all the production process in a modern HACCP certified plant, our products are analyzed by modern equipments to achieve the best result for our customers.

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