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This page is for the lovers of best coffee cups with its many different nuances, aromas and varieties. Really GVM's patented formulas offer to the finest connosseurs an innovative way to enjoy a richer taste and aroma compared to the traditional cups of coffee.

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The three basic coffee characteristics are: Flavor (flavors and aromas can be very varied as bitter, fruity, caramelly, floral, chocolatey, nutty, spicy, citrus, buttery, earthy, roasty, mild, strong, sweet, bitter, carbony, clean, complex, dry, fine, full, lively, etc.); Body (texture in the cup and on the tongue, if brewed as Italian Espresso Shot a medium brown thick cream should float on the top of the cup); Acidity (a slight acidity is a desirable quality and indicates presence of good Arabica beans and superb quality, without it your coffee tastes without distinctive personality).

Everyone, tasting Fitness Coffee® for the first time, has different reactions. Before you take a little sip, breathe in the Fitness Coffee's aroma. Beyond the unmistakable smell of coffee, you’ll probably notice other volatile aromas and scents of herbs and spices as anis, orange flower, licorice, cinnamon, etc. After the olfactory analysis, starts to taste slowly one teaspoon by sliding the liquid, warm but not too, throughout the upper palate and entire tongue. Slurp freely.

The more you taste any of our healthy products as Fitness Coffee®, B-fine®, Sensual Coffee®, etc. the more grateful and expert your palate will become, and, when you will be accustomed, very probably you will become our fans and regular consumers. So, passing the time, you will also notice many benefits on your wellness, health and shape.

Feel free to ask our expert for any question about your experience with our products: Fitness Coffee's Expert

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