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Trademarks and patents protection policy

Fitness Coffee GVM I.E. is strongly dedicated to contrast and fight the crime of counterfeiting, cybersquatting, patents infringements, commerce frauds, false claims and imitations.

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With the help of our legal office, lawyers, Customs and law officers, we do the best to avoid that illegal imitations are produced and distributed on the food market worldwide and, if required, counterfeiters will be prosecuted at the maximum levels.

List of main GVM's Registered Trademarks with links to their Websites:

Cannabissimo Coffee®, Espresso Prima Classe®, Fitness Caffè®, Fitness Coffee®, Fitcafé®, Sensualcaffè®, Sensual Coffee®, Fitness Tea®, Fitness Barley®.

Counterfeiting is a deliberate attempt to deceive consumers by imitating, copying, distributing and advertising products or services existing and trade marks and patents.

These false imitations and foods frouds are almost ever produced in factories and conditions not safe, not authorized and not controlled, furthemore raw materials, taste and quality are usually very poor. Accordingly , seen that in our case we are speaking of vegetal foods with officinal ingredients, they can give dangerous and unpredictable collateral effects and even serious deseases.

The unapproved use of our brands, marks, logos, names, products, know how, scientific studies, domains contents and Domains names without our written permission is considered counterfeiting.

Should you have any information relating to infringements of any kind to our goods, marks, logos, Websites, patents, etc. please write to our Administrative departement: your help will be highly apreciated (also we send to you free samples of our products); your privacy and all data provided will be treated in the strictest confidence according to EC and Italian privacy laws. For more info: legal info

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