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GVM I.E. - Via Franchi, n. 35 - 64100 Teramo - Italy

Factory: Via Bruschelli, sn - &4100 Teramo - Italy

Vat: IT01487930677 - CCIAA: TE128282 - Export code: TE009796

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Fax: 0039 (0)861 212729

Phone (9-12 -Rome, GMT+1): 0039 348 5847770 (English, Italian, Russian, Spanish)



1) How can I have your price list and sales condition?

Ask it in your partnership inquiry.

2) Do you provide documentation and studies about your patented coffees and tea?

Yes. We provide to our exclusive distributors a brochure including a complete documentation about us and our patented Products.

3) Do you provide exclusive distribution agreeement?

In regions free of exclusive agreement, we'll be able to open a new market signing the EDA (Exclusive Distribution Agreeement) with new Distributors (preferably already introduced in the healthy foods & beverages field).

4) Are you requiring any minimum purchase?

Yes. The first minimum order for new Distributors is 1+ pallets, that is approx. 500 kg (1,000 lbs). Furthers orders will be according to the sales plan of each distribution area.

5) What is the estimate delivery time for purchased products?

We ship out bulk orders in 5-20 working days, it depends from the composition and packaging of the order and from export documents required by certain countries.

6) I am a home consumer, I would like to try your coffee/tea based healthy products, may I buy it directly from you?

We are sorry but we just have direct business with Importers, Distributors, Coffeehouse chains, etc. which can order quantities (see above for minimum order volume). By the way, if you want to know your nearest distributor or for any question, feel free to ask us:

7) What is the delivery time and your policy about the samples?

The samples are prepared and shipped within 2-3 working days. They get to destination in 2-3 working days shipped via express courier. We can provide you with samples to allow yourself and a panel of your key customers tasting our coffee blends. The product itself is always FREE. We only will charge the cost of shipment (normally the cheapest way is to use your code of FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.). In case that you do not have a courier code, we'll communicate the cost of our courier. The reason of this policy is to avoid the requests of samples collectors that are not qualified. By the way, should you become our customer, we will refund the full amount for sample shipment on your first order.

8) Are the shipments insured?

Yes, all shiments are covered by total insurance at request.

9) Do you keep coffee in stock?

No. We always roast and deliver fresh products on demand. With the purpose of a faster delivery time, we just keep in stock the green coffee beans and the vegetal ingredients.

10) What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through wire transfer (or in certain cases through credit letter guaranted from Italian bank) at presentation of our Proforma invoice.

11) Do you ship internationally and what about the shipping rates?

Yes. We ship worldwide. We sell normally Ex works (Ex factory). Normally our customers like organize the shipment by theirselves, but at request we can provide the shipment. In this case the costs will be included in our Proforma invoice.

12) Should I consider any duty charges on top of the price of coffee?

It depends. All deliveries to Countries belonging to the European Union are duty free. For shipments out of European Union, or in other continents, contact your local customs office to know the duty rate. Some examples of duty charges for roasted coffee: CINA 15%, INDIA 111,12%, TAIWAN 1,20%, AUSTRALIA 15%, JAPAN 5%, USA 4.33%, RUSSIA 4%.


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Dear consumers, would you like to find Fitness Coffee® and Fitness Tea® in your habitual shop? Please give to them our Website adress, many thanks for your kind cooperation.

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