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Your cup of coffee now becomes a healthy cup

Fitness Coffee® is the first functional coffee to get fit simply replacing your daily cups of coffee and it can be brewed in similar ways to those of a traditional coffee. Following these simple instructions you will get the best of taste and effectiveness from your herbal coffee.

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Sole patented healthy coffee on the market with pure roasted coffee, bioavailable herbs and spices, Fitness Coffee® is lower in calories than enhanced instant coffees due its all natural and whole vegetal ingredients.
With over 300% more antioxidants than green tea, Fitness Coffee™ is the easiest and cheapest way to get fit daily increasing thermogenesys , metabolism, energy level and so aiding in weight loss.


Healthy coffee pod
Italian style Espresso
: using either our Fitness Caffè pods or using the required quantity of Fitness Coffee Espresso ground if your espresso machine is professional. You should extract a cup of 20-50 mls. (depending on machine and desired quantity, the extraction time will vary from 15 to 30 seconds). Whether you prefer a shot Espresso or a large Espresso, your Fitness Espresso will be always delicious and healthy


Coffee infusionCoffee infusion : coffee infusion: it is the oldest and simplest of the methods and it was adopted for the first time in the 18th century. It consists heating a kettle with boiling water. When heated, the kettle is emptied of the used water and filled with the correct dose of your Fitness Coffee. Then add the desired quantity of water previously brought to boil (what you had preserved). The period of infusion will be about 3 minutes. Before you can enjoy your Fitness Coffee you must filter it with a fine strainer into your cup.


Filter drip machineDrip brew : this method is very popular in USA but ever more in other Countries. It is made by letting hot water drip onto your desired quantity of Fitness Coffee held in a paper* coffee filter surrounded by a filter holder or brew basket. Drip brew makers can be simple filter holder types manually filled with hot water, or they can use automated systems as found in the popular electric drip coffeemaker. Strength varies according to the ratio of water to coffee, but is typically weaker than espresso. The described method is that used in North America with the traditional 12oz mug . In the European countries are popular cups of about 150 mls. with 10 grams of powder per cup. *: Is drinking coffee made with a paper filter healthier than drinking boiled coffee or other types of coffee? Coffee contains a substance called cafestol that is a potent stimulator of LDL cholesterol levels. Cafestol is found in the oily fraction of coffee, and when you brew coffee with a paper filter, the cafestol gets left behind in the filter. Other methods of coffee preparation, such as the boiled coffee common in Scandinavian countries, French press coffee, or Turkish coffee, are much higher in cafestol. So for people who have high cholesterol levels or who want to prevent having high cholesterol levels, it is better to choose paper filtered coffee or instant coffee, since they have much lower levels of cafestol than boiled or French press coffee. Espresso is somewhere in the middle; it has less cafestol than boiled or French press coffee, but more than paper filtered coffee. See in this page of Harvard School of public health: The Nutrition Source, Ask the expert: coffee and health n. 9 in:

Turkish (Arabian) style
: this method traditionally needs to add sugar, we suggest to drink Fitness Coffee ever without sugar to cut calories, but sometimes you can enjoy this very aromatic drink especially when you're with friends. It needs a “ibrick” (a tiny brass container with only one handle, whose mouth is narrower at the base). Add the sugar first. For an 8 oz. ibrik, 2 level teaspoons. Fill your ibrik with water up to the point where the ibrik's neck starts. In a 8 oz. ibrik use 3 heaping (British: heaped) teaspoon of Fitness Coffee. Bringing to boil slowly. When the liquid starts to boil, immediately remove ibrick from the stove and mix the liquid. Bring to the boil two or three (or better four times). Do not mix the liquid the last time! Let the ibrik sit about 30 seconds so the coffee powder will settle. Then pour slowly the liquid dividing it among your friends. Don't pour out all the liquid since the bottom of the ibrik will be sludge. Warn your friends, the grinds will settle to the bottom of their cups. The resulting strong Fitness Coffee™, with foam on the top and a thick layer of grounds at the bottom, will be drunk from small cups.

Neapolitan coffee stovetopNeapolitan style:
Neapolitan style: your Neapolitan coffeepot, usually constructed of aluminum is composed of two parts separated by a filter. Fill the filter with Fitness coffee (do not press the powder). The lower part of the coffeepot is filled up to the mark with fresh water. Join the two parts together and put the part with the water on the stove. Wait for the temperature to reach boiling point. When you hear the noise of boiling water, remove the Neapolitan coffeepot from the stove and quickly overturn to allow the hot water to pass through the filter over the coffee powder and extract it's aroma, taste and perfume. When the water finishes to flow in the inferior container, your Neapolitan Fitness Coffee is ready, enjoy it!

Moka coffee stovepotItalian Stovepot Moka: Italian Stovepot Moka: also known as "Italian coffeepot" or "caffettiera" (the most famous brand all over the world is Bialetti™) , is a three-chamber design which boils water in the lower section and forces the boiling water through the Fitness Coffee held in the middle section, separated by a filter mesh from the top section. The resultant coffee (almost espresso strength, but without the crema) is collected in the upper section. These pots usually sit directly on a stove. The time of contact between coffee and water is of about 1 minute. The drink will have a delicious taste and a middle body with an intense aroma of coffee, herbs and spices. We suggest to use aprox. 6/7 grams of Fitness Coffee avoiding to press the dust in the filter. You'll get 1 cup of 40-60 ml with Stovepot Moka of 1 cup type, and so on for larger Moka.

French pressFrench Press: this ancient European way of preparation will give a stronger character to your Fitness Coffee cup. Place the Fitness Coffee powder (see the leaflet of the French Press producer for the quantity suggested) in the glass beaker, add hot water and allowed to steep (approximately 4-7 minutes). The attached tightly fitting plunging device is then pushed to the bottom of the beaker, where the grounds are trapped and above this sits your drink. Your Fitness Coffee cup should be consumed within 20 minutes of preparation, because the oils and particles continue to extract even after plunging. Longer storage is not recommended.


How we produce our Fitness Coffee pods and capsules

for the first and only Italian Fitness Espresso™

with healthy herbs and spices

Espresso machineThe "pod system" has been for the coffee lovers a small revolution. We produce premium quality pods, according to the best international standards, ready to use to facilitate the use of the Espresso coffee machines both professional or house/office.
Your Fitness Coffee for pods is grinded and mixed holding carefully under control the degree. Later it is sealed, in the correct dose for a single Espresso, in a special filter of paper. The filter pods are quickly sealed in a triple foils envelope of alluminium and polyethilene under modified atmosphere checked to preserve in the time the correct degree of damp and aroma of the product during full 2 years.
For the preparation of your healthy Espresso, it will be enough to open the envelope and to insert the pod in the special pod holder of your espresso coffee machine. In the cup you'll get a Herbal Espresso of consistent body, aroma, taste and in more healthy. This because the Fitness Coffee's dose, the grinding and the pression, will be optimal and similar to those that only a barista of great professionalism is able to get.

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