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I. PATENT No. 1361629 and others pending

Healthy coffee beverages: abstract of the international patent and marketing concept - Contact us to get a translation of this page in your language.

Abstract of the patent:

There are many products all over the world regarding alimentary beverages having the objective to improve the human physical and mental well-being.
In the past the foods were more integral, less refined and worked so the indispensable oligoelements for our organism were found directly in the daily intake.
Now it is any more so and thus in the developed countries millions of people are more and more entrusted, in several shapes and depending on the local habits, with functional, modified, enriched, vitaminized foods and with dietetic, adaptogenic, stimulating, slimming, energetic integrators and so on.
In the last years, in fact, the same concept of health is evoluted from simple “absence and prevention of a pathology” to “psycho-physical well-being", meant like “to be well with itself”. The consumers wish to be ever more informed about that can contribute to their well-being. In order to be always fit, they feel the need to purchase the above mentioned products.

The Companies answer to this requirement with diligence but, truth to tell, with an excessive emphasis relating to the advertising communication.
The role of so-called “officinal herbs” in the human use is sure important. It is constantly increasing in the world, but the consumers became frequently dupes of advertising communications and of new fashions. In this way it would be desirable a more careful control, a more correct information and stricter laws. We hope that shortly there will be an international normative regulation concerning medicinal herbs in order to clear the market of uncontrolled, in some cases dangerous formulas, and of false improbable promises.
However, assuming that the herbal formula of a product to ingest is safe, as it is in case of the FITNESS COFFEE®, during the assumption of any useful well-being product appears the following problem: to have the ability to change our habits and at the same time to remind us to do something alien to our habits. Everybody knows how much is difficult to allow to begin a new habit but it is even more difficult to be constant in it.
In fact, happens easily that we should take a capsule of a dietetic integrator (for ex.: three times a day before meals), or prepare an infusion (for ex.: one cup after the main meals) or do the prescribed gym exercises, etc. Well, at the end of the day (week) we understand to have skipped something important, to have not done the things as we have planned.
Moreover all these products, it is not very clear why, are very expensive and few of us can buy them every time we need (there is no regulation regarding these products and they are a large business for producers, pharmacies and herbal shops, the profits are enormous and after all who pays dearly is the consumer.The main innovation of the invention is to give to the lovers of the most popular drink in the world (after the water and the tea) a new product that, conserving and improving all the pleasure and the taste of a coffee, gives also a greater contribution to our general psycho-physical well-being as distinct from usual coffee.

As regards to the taste, it has been organized a tasting of the product among 150 persons of different age (from 20 to 70 years old). Only 2 of them have declared that the drink was not to their liking and the 68% have said that they would prefer it to their usual coffee.
Fitness Coffee ® has its value as a research of a new taste and of a new formula for an alimentary product of wide consumption. Furthermore it has also in addition an intrinsic value proceeding from the idea from which it comes. The inventors have followed the following objective: to give to everybody something surely healthy (except for the people affected by the usual contra-indications for the use of coffee, like arterial hypertension and cardiac arrhythmia) introducing in their daily stable pleasant habits a product with similar cost to the usual cup of coffee but even more delicious like “the Italian healthy espresso coffee”. Those who according to the local traditions are not accustomed to the Italian Espresso, will drink this healthy coffee in their own traditional way (Turkish coffee, American coffee, etc.).
Our researchers, for every local tradition, have calculated the formulation of the product keeping well in mind the way of preparation, the average amount of drink in millilitres in the cup (the American coffee, for example, is of about 200 millilitres) and the concentration of extracted active principles for every method used.
With this purpose the herbal ingredients have been selected ad hoc and in the adequate state for the best extraction of their active principles through short boiling (Turkish coffee), fall down of hot water through paper filter (American coffee), machines for Italian espresso, Italian moka-pot, Italian Neapolitan coffee-pot, etc.
We have followed the ancient italian tradition of the famous 4 M (optimal Mixture, optimal Milling, clean and efficient Machine, expert Hand – “Mano” in Italian language). We have added natural herbal ingredients and therefore, if you want, a fifth M, that one of new Fashion – “Moda” in Italian language - relative to a HEALTHY espresso coffee that renews the great Italian tradition.
All the ingredients used in Fitness Coffee® are in right amounts in order to satisfy the last guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Health of Italy in the field of the alimentary integrators. It means the respect of the “upper safe level” (the UL), relatively to a daily maximum intake of 6/7 cups of healthy espresso coffee prepared with the classic dose of 7 grams of ground coffee for cup (2 or 3 cups of healthy espresso are suggested daily). Particular attention has been placed in the granulometric size of the single ingredients so that to obtain a usual quantity of espresso coffee (neither strong nor aqueous) with a duration of extraction in espresso machine of about 20-25 second. This length of time is considered ideal by the best baristas. There were not absolutely used herbal ingredients that for their nature can be sold only in pharmacies (Circular 3 of the 18 July 2002 of the Min. of Health of Italy).


The functional coffees, teas and barley blends with full bioavailable officinal herbs and thermogenic spices: a new patent in the field of the healthy functional beverages.


Title of the industrial invention:


Herbal coffee patent certificate

FITNESS COFFEE® is a patented product available for everybody in good health creating a new habit proceeding from the following reasons:

  1. pleasant to drink at restaurant, SPA resort, healthy center, bar, home and everywhere;

  2. delicious and with an incomparable long durable aroma with a pleasant aftertaste on the palate;

  3. salutary for the psycho-physical wellness because of the synergic effects of all single ingredients;

  4. thermogenic, digestive, diuretic, tonic, helping in a balanced diet to get fit and good shape;

  5. drunk cold, it can be an optimal herbal alcohol-free aperitif and digestive "liqueur".






With Fitness Coffee® NOW BREW SOME HEALTHY ™

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